Bramell, Party of Five: Wedding Dresses, Hospitals and Poop....OH MY!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Wedding Dresses, Hospitals and Poop....OH MY!

Where to begin? I know we have not posted in a while, but we have no new photos of The Diva (I know!), so what is the point?

Here's a recap of our busy weekend. We made the trek to Wynne on Friday. Thank goodness I took the day off so we could get an early ONLY took us 6 hours to get there! Yes, 6 hours I said. This is where the poop comes in. Becca slept till we stopped for lunch in Russellville, so that part was fine. We ate, walked Fergie and loaded back up. After another stop for gas and a walk in Conway, off we went again. Then, around Vilonia, Becca started her hysterical screaming---in a bad way. After about 20 miles, we realized she must have a tummy ache because she blew out her diaper. There was poop all over the place--on her clothes, her binky, the carseat and seatbelt. It took a good 30 minutes to get all cleaned up and on the road again (holding our noses). Ahhh, traveling with a toddler....good times. Not.

Then, wedding dresses......went Saturday morning to shop for dresses with Tracy. I have to admit that I was prepared for the worst---but apparently, I am the only one who has fits in dressing rooms. It went very smoothly and Tracy bought a beautiful dress that is perfect for her. The shopping proved to be short and sweet, and successful.

Now, the hospital. Last night we had been home for roughly 3 hours when my phone rang with bad news. Daddy is in the hospital in Jonesboro. He fell off a ladder and has a concussion. Anyone who knows my daddy knows what a klutz he is; so I was not the least bit surprised to hear this. He has hired a man to build a deck on the back of his house, so why he thought he needed to be "helping," I'll never know. The CT Scan in Wynne didn't show anything broken, swollen or bleeding in his head, thank goodness. They went ahead and took him to Jonesboro and put him in ICU to observe overnight. I've talked to him twice, so I think he's going to be fine. We are waiting on them to do another CT Scan today to see if anything has changed or if they will let him go home. Let's hope and pray that all is OK and he just learned a lesson about being too old and clumsy to do stupid things like climb 16 feet up a ladder.


  1. I am sure that your dad was simply motivated by the pictures of Lee on the roof!

  2. Lee and Rhonda,
    I have to agree. Just looking at the damage that Lee did to the house well it makes an abled bodied man want to "git 'er done'

    Hope all starts looking up soon!

  3. I just talked with Daddy and I told him that he was banned from ladders, climbing and/or working on anything that was over 6 ft. tall (he is 6'5), chainsaws, nail guns (which he said he was using that day), and anything else that could be considered dangerous!!! He simply replied, "Yes ma'am." I told him that he needed to stick with wrenches, screwdrivers, and old cars. He says he will only be off work a week but i am not sure about that one. Glad he is ok.

    I had so much fun with you guys dress shopping. Thanks for everything. Sorry you guys had a rough trip. We will be coming that way soon!

    Love ya,


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