Bramell, Party of Five: New things Becca is doing (and they aren't all good!)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

New things Becca is doing (and they aren't all good!)

Edit: the pictures are supposed to be at the bottom, but I am too lazy to do it over again. Also, Fergie is not dead, I promise. She was just exhausted after a long game of fetch. I couldn't resist taking the picture of her and faux Fergie.

I know that we haven't posted much lately, but we've been so busy chasing our toddler around that we just can't muster the energy to blog in the evenings!

Here is a short list of new things she is doing:

  • Saying "bye-bye"--seriously, non-stop. All day long. Really.

  • Singing (sort of)--sounds like "na, na, na." You get the idea.

  • Biting--yes, who knew having only 4 teeth could hurt so much!

  • Walking backwards

  • Running!

  • Flirting, apparently. The note home from daycare said this, "She played peek-a-boo with Will today." Will is a twin in her class; very cute boys, so this is ok.

  • Drinking whole milk!! Yeah, finally!

Here are some more birthday pics for your enjoyment.


  1. Love the pics!!! I have some good ones to share with you too.... It is just amazing how much kids this age change in just a matter of days! If she is walking backward and running, then her balance is finally kicking in. Is she wearing the Nikes yet? I'd love to hear her sweet little voice "sing". I'm sorry she is biting...that is sometimes hard to stop. I hope she doesn't bite Will!!! That would probably end the "peek-a-boo" game. I'll try to get up there soon. Love to all.........

  2. Happy late 1st birthday, Becca! It looks like you really enjoyed your cake! That is so cute! You are just beautiful! I can't believe how big you have gotten!


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