Bramell, Party of Five: Is this the Hamptons?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Is this the Hamptons?

I know it doesn't look like much, but we are upgrading our housing. Some new paint and carpet and a little elbow grease and we will have this thing sparkling!!

Thinking about some new appliances too.

Is that a dude sleeping in the corner over there?

We might need some new windows too.

Uuhhhh, maybe we will just tear it down and start over.

Actually, we bought this a couple of weeks ago after a banker called me to get some comparables for some foreclosure property. We did not buy it at foreclosure, but instead we made the bank an offer a couple of days later. It is located close to Walker Park in Fayetteville.
The neighbor who lives next door told me that she has seen homeless people coming out of there. I think I would have rather slept in the rain!! It didn't take the city long to find us. They have already sent us a letter of violation for an "unsafe building". Duuhhhh, ya think.
Do you know anybody with an extra sledgehammer?
Stay tuned for more pics on the new house :)

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  1. At least the lot looks pretty with all the trees and green grass!



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