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Friday, April 18, 2014

Big Sis Bragging

Let me take a minute to brag on Big Sis.  Well, this could take a while. Report cards came home last week and we were blown away by her progress, again. Now, I know it's just first grade, but my heart is swelling with pride for this little girl.
She did great in every subject, but she is excelling in reading. As you can imagine, this makes me very happy. We are currently reading Little House on the Prairie together (it's like 20 chapters!) and I'm enjoying it as much as she is. The only semi-negative comment on her report card was that she still needs to stop talking in class and during times when she shouldn't. We have discussed it, but secretly, I'm really OK with it. Considering that the first day I dropped her off at school I wasn't sure she'd even open her mouth, this is improvement to me.

We've seen so many accomplishments by this girl, just in the past few month. She has her first pair of shoes with laces and can now tie them by herself. She can read chapter books. And, just this past weekend, she learned to ride her bike without the training wheels! This kid is growing up fast and I'm not sure I like it. But I know that her dad and I are both super proud of her, nonetheless.


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