Bramell, Party of Five: Our Kindergarten Graduate

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our Kindergarten Graduate

It's been a busy month for us since school let out.  Big Sis was only out of school for about a week until she and the littles loaded up to go stay a week at Grammy's house.  I realized that I didn't even post all of the photos from her graduation celebration.

They started out with a little program for the kids to sing to us. It was in the morning, so Lee wasn't able to go because of work. I took Girl Twin, who was missing daycare due to the "24 hour rule," and we had a great time.  Big Sis has really come a long way from that first day of school when I don't think she spoke a word to anyone.  I've said it here before, but we are so thankful for her wonderful teacher who was so kind, patient and special to her.  The sad thing is that Big Sis will be losing her two friends from her class because they are moving to different schools next year.  

She got a great final report card and scored above average on know that makes this mama happy!  She is writing and reading simple books.  We are going to work on math over the summer and get ready to have a great first grade year.

She's just left of center--can you see her little head poking up?

With her teacher, Mrs. Cloud

Look at that sweet, toothless smile!

My girls with Big Sis's BFF from school. Her first sleepover buddy!


  1. So proud of our Big Girl! She is a smart one (like her Mama) and we love it that she also loves reading and writing. I, too, am very thankful for Mrs. Cloud. I can see a world of difference in that shy girl who wouldn't even look a stranger in the eye, much less speak a word. Great job to both Big Sis and Mrs. Cloud!!! That pic of the two of them is the best one I've seen of her in quite a while.

    I loved having the kids those 5+ days. We had lots of fun and I got to enjoy some much needed quality time to bond with them all. I'm ALMOST ready to do it again - and we will do it again.

    Love to all...

  2. She grew so much this year! I always hated when people told me (when mine were younger and so much needier), "Enjoy every minute...they go too fast." I prefer the statement "The days are long but the years are short." :) Anyway, it is true. Blink again, and she will be graduating from 5th grade. I hope you all have a very happy summer!


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