Bramell, Party of Five: My Mini-Me

Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Mini-Me

It's no secret that I have a mini-me (or two).  The other day I realized that Big Sis might actually be making me be more like her.

I took her shoe shopping with me before the Mom Prom.  Shoe shopping FOR ME.  Before I even tried any on, she had picked out a pair for herself.  She is definitely a shoe girl; I am not.  She is a pink girl; I am not.

What's funny here?  I ended up buying a shoe in the EXACT same color as her shoe.  Check us out, being all matchy-matchy in our shiny pink shoes.

And, no, I did not sprout a third foot.  Where the big girls are, Girl Twin is never far behind.

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  1. Those are some very cute shoes on your feet. And I was about to ask about the third foot, haha!


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