Bramell, Party of Five: It's Twin Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's Twin Tuesday!

For this week's Twin Tuesday, I thought I should give an update on the potty training situation.  And the report is GOOD!  We are now on the 10th day of no daytime diapers (minus naptime) and they are both doing fantastic and really getting the hang of it.

Girl Twin didn't have an accident at school last week at all, but Boy Twin took a bit longer. He used up all his spare clothes the first few days then the accidents got progressively less.  Yesterday he was accident free! I've always heard that boys are harder to potty train than girls, but they are really both doing the same. I think it helps that they are competitive and want to copy the other sibling.  I feel like we are spending every waking minute in the bathroom, but at least they are productive at it!  Go teamwork!

I certainly don't want to jinx this, but I'm so happy and surprised how quickly they are getting it.  I think I was just prepared for the worst, so anything is better than that.  Teachers in daycare are being very supportive, too.  We were hoping the kids would move up a room, as they are now the oldest in their room. I feel like they need to go to the 3-yr-old classroom where all the kids go potty.  But, unfortunately, all the spaces are full and there is no room to move up until August, which I'm not entirely happy about.  I'm also ready for that discount when they move up to that room!!

Just look at these cute little booties! (yes, they will kill me for this one day)

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