Bramell, Party of Five: Conversation With My Kid

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Conversation With My Kid

This little girl has been cracking us up lately.  She's very bossy to the twins, but she also loves them with all her might. Sometimes she even surprises me. Like last night, she asked Boy Twin if he wanted to sleep with her favorite blankie and stuffed bunny. I can't remember a night when she hasn't slept with them herself!  And, she's also been helping the little ones wash in the shower, which is a nice help to me.

The other day, getting out of the bath, she said to me: "Mom. Sometimes, like when we go to Walmart, we see people with big booties."  Out of nowhere!  I couldn't help but laugh at her perceptiveness.

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  1. At least she notices them at WALMART and not at home or Grammy's house!!! Even with all her stubborn and mouthy times, she really has a kind and loving heart. I know she keeps you on your toes. I hope that she will continue to be a big help to you, especially while the twins are young......and keep you laughing for many years yet to come. I love these posts that make me laugh.

    Love to all...


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