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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Drama for your mama...

Here's a quick rundown of our last week. Becca and I went to Wynne last Thursday by ourselves. We left Lee and Fergie at home to fend for themselves. Thankfully, Becca was a great traveler in the books will do the trick! My only complaint: why in Heaven's name don't some restaurants/fast food joints NOT have baby changing tables in the bathrooms??? WHY?? Case in point, the Backyard Burger in Conway. I won't tell you what I did to change that diaper. I've already crossed it off our list of approved diaper changing stops.

Dad's surgery was Friday and went well. He is recovering at home for a few weeks. He'll see the doc again on Monday next week. I am proud that he was so brave and handled it very well. He had the DaVinci procedure done for prostate cancer; google it if you are bored sometime. It's amazing!

Becca cheesing it up with Grammy.
Well, at least she's finally smiling for the camera!

Becca and my Aunt Pam checking out the scrapbook. Becca loves,
loves, loves to look at pictures!

Our other drama (or trauma) is that we (ahem, Lee) decided it's time to get rid of dear old binky. We started yesterday with telling Becca that binky has to stay in the bed and she can only get it when she goes night-night. Lee said he thinks she totally understood, but she did ask for it a couple of times. This morning, however, when I pried it from her gnawing teeth we had an all-out meltdown in the floor!! Lordy, she was never that attached to the bottle.....didn't even miss it once! Wish us luck that it will only take a few days for her to give up the fight.
Also more drama: BECCA PEED IN THE POTTY last night!! I asked her to sit on the potty while I ran her bath water and she did. I turned my back to tend to the tub, and next thing I know she's peeing! I won't tell you what fools we acted like, just use your imagination. Maybe we're on the road to ditching the diapers....stay tuned.


  1. Rhonda --
    I too and totally disappointed with places that have NO CHANGING TABLES in their restrooms. It seems more and more common. What in the hell do they expect us to do? I have changed her diaper in a booth at a restaraunt --out of spite and frustration---because of it. i know it is disgusting but maybe they'll get the message. If you need to stop in Conway we have a house right off 64 you can use anytime. I will give you the garage code. It is a potty break stop for people just like you. anytime.

  2. Kara-that is sweet of you! That is why I luv ya so much!
    Yea for Becca peeing in the potty! I hope that she continues. Sorry that you are having binky troubles. Maybe she will get better! I enjoyed our visit so much. I can't believe how smart Becca is for her age. Any kid that can recognize her name written down at her age is SUPER smart in my you guys and see you soon.

  3. Oh, yes, I remember those days! Tracy also was much more attached to her "paci" than the bottle. I think cutting it back to a nite-nite thing will help wean her. (if you don't lose your mind first)
    I really did enjoy my time with y'all, especially Becca. We got in some good quality time. She is a joy!!! Can't wait until next time.....

    Love to all...

  4. Sorry I missed seeing ya'll! I was already committed to another trip! Glad to know Doug is doing OK. Hope to see ya'll soon.

    Love, Nanette

  5. can you get out and lay her down in the back of the xterra to change her? you probably had luggage, but i used to do that. ;)



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