Bramell, Party of Five: Becca's first haircut and other random info...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Becca's first haircut and other random info...

Friday evening we took Becca for her very first haircut! She did a great job, even though I was worried she would freak out. Lee and I had to pass her back and forth while Heather did the cutting. She wouldn't wear the cape, but that was ok. I only got this one picture, sorry. And I swear her finger is NOT really in her nose, just on it. Like Jerry Seinfeld, you know--"just scratching!" I started not to post it, but I knew some people would fuss about it.

This is after the haircut when she was watching someone else get theirs cut.
She was so funny about it, and very curious.

After the haircut, we treated ourselves to some dinner at the Flying Burrito.
Becca preferred her daddy's giant burrito to her kid's meal.

As you can see, Becca chose her outfit: her jammies, her jacket and her Halloween skirt that she dug out of the dresser. This is the day after the haircut and I
wanted a picture to put on the blog.

I found these pics on the camera; not sure when Lee took them. So cute! Becca and Fergie sitting in the sun reading together.


  1. She's looking like a "young lady". She sure has grown alot this year.

  2. Oh my goodness she is so precious!! Can't believe she had her first haircut. Such a big girl!

  3. She looks soooo cute with her new haircut! Hope you remembered to keep a clipping. Thanks for the pics, they are darling! She is really growing up fast. How's the potty training going? Hope to see ya'll soon.

    Love you all,
    "Some People"
    a/k/a Nanette

  4. Yeah, count me in on the "some people" category also! I knew she would be a good girl about the hair cut.....and it looks cute too! I love the outfit and the fact that she is "getting it" and trying to show her independence. What a sweetheart!!!

    Love to all...


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