Bramell, Party of Five: Conversation with a toddler, Part II

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Conversation with a toddler, Part II

I am very determined to get my child to tell me that she loves me. However, we've had another set back.

Me: Becca, I love you.

Me: Becca, do you love me?

Her: Daddy.

Me: Becca, do you love Mama?

Her: Daddy.

Me: Do you love Daddy?

Her: Uh-huh.

I guess she is just daddy's girl. Well, until I start trying to cook dinner/take a shower/use the bathroom/fill in the blank. Grrrr!


  1. Oh how funny! Jonathan and I both got a good laugh out of that one!

  2. Yeah, that is too cute! I know she loves her mama....this is just the start of all the things she will do (or not do) that will frustrate you in the years to come. But it is worth it!!! I can't wait to see y'all next weekend. Maybe, she will tell ME that she loves me.

    Love to all....

  3. ER tells me when we pull up in our driveway that Daddy lives here, Bill the Dog lives here, Rudy the cat lives here but no Mama. I ask if I live her and she tells me no. They must be teaming up to do this to us!!

    Can't wait to see you guys!


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