Bramell, Party of Five: Today was a Big Day.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Today was a Big Day.

Becca went for her 2-month check up today. (Yes, this was a scheduled appointment--not emergency, for once!). It was funny, when we drove up to the clinic, Lee parked at the "emergency" entrance, not the normal entrance--habit?

She was so good during the exam! Never made so much as a wimper until the mean 'ol nurse stuck her with the needles. She got 3 shots and an oral vaccination. Everything is going great; she is right on target with her age, weight, height, development, etc. She is up to 1o.5 lbs now!! She is smiling a lot and making noises like she wants to's so cute!!

Also, our friends Javier and Erika are here visiting from Spain. We got to spend this afternoon with them, and they will be here until the end of the week. We will post some photos later b/c of course, I can't remember how to do it (again!). Lee will post some later when he gets time.

More later...

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