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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Oh my gosh! Who is this baby and where is our Becca?? No, really.

We are happy to report that this last trip to the doctor on Thursday last week seems to have helped! We were getting ready to leave town for the weekend and I just couldn't take her off while she was still so obviously miserable. After she put on a show at the clinic, Dr. Silvey understood where we were coming from. He doubled Becca's dosage of the Prevacid, gave her an additional medicine AND suggested that we put rice cereal in with the formula. He doesn't usually make so many changes at once, but I think he realized that we were desperate, and that we'd just keep coming back to him if we didn't do something quick!! We don't really know which one of these things is helping, so we're going to keep it all up.

We are now having some fun time with Becca--she is smiling and cooing. She is napping during the day, sitting in her swing for an hour at a time and even laying on her tummy! The screaming fits are still there, just only once a day or so. Much more manageable for mom and dad.

Want to know something funny? Fergie and Becca are on the same medication! We took Fergie to the vet last Monday because she is still throwing up a few times a week. We figured it was stress-related due to the baby, but the doctor said that's not it. We also changed Fergie's food back to the same formula she was having as a puppy. Glad to say that she has not thrown up in 2 days now (knock on wood). If we can get both our girls well and feeling better, we'll all be happier.

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  1. Thank you Dr. Silvey!!! She was pretty good on her visit to my house last weekend and I was a bit upset to hear from Lee that she was still fussy on Monday. I guess it just takes a little while to get the meds (or cereal or both)working. It was so much fun watching her make faces, sticking out her tongue in mimic and cooing. Hopefully, it will only get better from here....well, until she's about 13 anyway!

    Love to all....



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