Bramell, Party of Five: Twin Tuesday: Not Babies Anymore

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Twin Tuesday: Not Babies Anymore

It's another Twin Tuesday, and I'm feeling particularly anxious this week. Maybe it's because we bought their first round of school supplies and my babies are going to kindergarten open house tomorrow night.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not sad about them starting school--no way! Sometimes people expect me to be sad because my babies are not babies anymore. Heck, no! We've done our baby duty and are ready to move on. I'm ready for a regular schedule and ready for all three kids to be at the same place together all day long. And, above all, I'm ready to stop paying for daycare/babysitting/preschool! Yay for FREE public school!
I'm just feeling a little off kilter. Sometimes I look at the twins and literally cannot remember how they got to be five years old. The time between their birth and age 5 seems like a blur of feedings, diaper changes, crying, tantrums, butt wiping, messes and baths. And now, it's so different. They are riding bikes, writing their names, roller skating, hitting baseballs, playing video games and excelling at NEVER BEING QUIET. Mercy, the talking!
We have decided to split the twins up for kindergarten, which wasn't really a hard choice for us. My primary argument is that these kids have spent 24 hours a day together for nearly their whole lives. Don't we owe them each a little "me time?" I'm hopeful that spending the day apart will make their time at home together more peaceful and happy. In addition, because one of the twins is excessively dominant (not naming names), this will give Boy Twin (oops!) a chance to let his own light shine and speak for himself on occasion. Poor kid, it must stink having two mamas sometimes. 
I am a teeny bit worried about how they will handle the separation, but a level headed kindergarten teacher advised me this week not to sweat it--if the first few days are a disaster, we can always put them together. At our school, the kindergartners aren't assigned a teacher until the 5th day. They spend the first week just shifting kids around in different combinations, with different teachers, getting to know everyone. I didn't like this process for Big Sis, but I think it will be great for the twins to get used to being apart.
Here's to new beginnings, growing up and having a SUPER school year x TWO!


  1. They'll do great, and though they may miss each other at first, growing up with two sets of twin cousins on my Dad's side, I can tell you that separating them will probably be great for them.

  2. It also shocks me at how fast these five years have flown by! But, it is exciting for them to hit this milestone in their young lives. I can't wait to call them after a few days to see what they think about it, what they like and dislike, and if they each have a favorite teacher they are hoping for. I hope all the excessive talking doesn't keep them in trouble at school. We know how they love to talk, especially Boy Twin. Looking forward to hearing about it throughout their year and getting the real "scoop" from them during visits. It's truly bittersweet when your babies start to grow up. I should know... ;)

    Love to all...

  3. I so completely love your honesty. I'm so over the "baby" stage too and ready to get this growing up going.


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