Bramell, Party of Five: Easter, Part 2: Grammy's House

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Easter, Part 2: Grammy's House

Grandkids galore!
L to R:  Boy Twin, Girl Twin, cousin Piper, Big Sis and Remy (my cousin's daughter)

Ahhh, Easter. A time for renewal, peace and rejoicing. Add in some springtime weather, birds chirping and sunshine, and it's pretty perfect.
But if you think this post is going to lead into a verse of Holy, Holy, Holy then you have come to the wrong place. Let me just tell you what real life is like. This is a story about an interstate breakdown, lots of miles and lots of puke.
We started off happy that I'd gotten to leave work early so we could leave town earlier than planned to head to Wynne. We piled in all the kids, Fergie, our stuff and a couple hundred DVDs and hit the road. About an hour into the trip, Lee started holding his breath and cutting his eyes over at me every few minutes. This is a sign that something is not right. Shortly after, we found ourselves on the side of the interstate wondering if we could make it to the next exit. (Not the first time this has happened. Remember this? )
Thankfully, we made it to a truck stop in Ozark, which luckily was right next door to a mechanic. After a couple hours' delay and some dinner from the truck stop deli, we decided to turn back toward home and not press our luck.
To keep from having three disappointed kiddos and a house full of disappointed family waiting at Grammy's house, I decided to get up with the chickens on Saturday and take the kids in Lee's truck. Surprisingly, my prince decided to come with us...and I'm so glad he did!
After a fast, fun visit with all our family on the East Side, we headed back home Easter Sunday. As our reward for overcoming the obstacles so my kids could celebrate Easter with our family, Big Sis got sick in the backseat. Long story short---she threw up the entire way home. What should have been a 4.5 hour trip took us SEVEN HOURS.  And, we still had to deal with the stress of a broken-down van when we got home.  Also, I might have vowed never to travel again. Ever.
So listen up if you are kin to me. It's YOUR TURN to come visit us. We are a traveling disaster.

 Someone *might* be a little serious about the egg hunting.

Happy girls!

Just the girls! We love us some "Baby Piper!"

We also got to celebrate Aunt Nanette's birthday!

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  1. I understand that last trip was a real nightmare, BUT - #1) you have a nice new van now - #2) the trip had nothing to do with Becca's getting a bug - #3) you can't stay home forever. I guess it's time I started planning a trip to NWA since apparently it's MY turn to travel. I'm looking forward to it!

    Love to all...


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