Bramell, Party of Five: Anticipation

Thursday, March 13, 2014


I can honestly say that I've never given much thought to the word "anticipation" until this week.  In reality, I guess it's a word that I can't even recall using much before.  I know there is even an old song about it, so it must be an important word, right? 
Well let me tell you, there is some major anticipation (not to be confused with constipation) going on in my house this week.  Lee and I are anticipating our 10th anniversary next week!  And we are really anticipating our upcoming trip to Las Vegas to celebrate.  A vacation!  Alone!  Out of town! Without kids! Is that too much? 
Normally I'm pretty even-keeled and not too excitable, so this is a strange feeling to me.  And by strange I mean JOYOUS!  There are a few times I can remember dealing with some serious anticipation, like when I was in high school waiting for my trips to Fayetteville to see THE BOY.  In college, I always looked forward to my Wednesday nights at Doc Murdock's when I was (almost) legal age.  And, of course, there was the anticipation of college graduation and waiting through nine months of pregnancy twice. 
The best I can remember, Lee and I haven't been alone away from home for more than two nights since the twins were born.  As much as we love those little turkeys, we really need a break from the cooking, cleaning, laundry and butt-wiping that goes on daily in our household.  I can also promise that I won't be having mac and cheese or juice boxes for an entire week.
It's been over seven years since our last trip to Las Vegas, so we are definitely ready to get there and see what's new.  There is so much to see and do besides gamble; this time we are finally going to do some sightseeing off the Strip.  We can set our own schedule or have no schedule at all; we can drink fruity drinks and stay up all night (ha)'s our vacation!
Ten years.  Ahhhh, so much can happen in ten years.  We've each had a parent diagnosed with cancer, we've nursed and said good-bye to both of Lee's parents, we got our first dog, had our first child, moved once and lived through the shock of having twins.  Who would have thought when we got married on that sandy beach in Florida in 2004, that all this would happen to us in ten short years?  It's been a wild ride, and plenty difficult at times, but I sure wouldn't change a thing if I could.  I'll be anticipating the next ten years for sure.


  1. I'm so happy that I can be there to help you celebrate your anniversary! (by be there, I mean at YOUR house with the kids, of course) I know that it will be tough to try to get into a routine again, but I feel that I am up to the challenge. And I also love those little turkeys... See you soon!

    Love to all...

  2. A vacation without kids? I'm jealous.


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