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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pinterest Made Me Do It

Lately, I've made a genuine effort to cut back on carbs.  I started doing a food journal and quickly realized that I have a serious problem with carbs, and that I've been in denial about it.  But I also know that sometimes you just have to have some bread!

One night I was making dinner and knew rolls would really go great with our meal (I don't even remember what it was now).  However, there was nothing but stale sandwich bread in the house:  no biscuits, rolls or french bread to be found.

With the main dish already cooking, and me not wanting to go to the store, I went to Pinterest to look for a quick recipe that included ingredients that I already had in the cabinet.  The name alone, "30 Minute Rolls," got me.  And now, as I read through the recipe, I realize that I didn't follow it exactly.  Since I was in a hurry, I'm pretty sure that I didn't let the dough rise for the amount of time it says.  And I also don't have a fancy stand mixer with a dough hook, but I thought they turned out great anyway.
Give these a try the next time you need an easy, quick recipe for rolls.  Let me know if you like them!

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  1. Going to give them a try. I've always wanted to make homemade rolls, but don't have a gazillion hours to get it done.


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