Bramell, Party of Five: Merry Christmas to All--I'm Outta Here!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Merry Christmas to All--I'm Outta Here!

I've decided to take my first blog vacation.  Basically, it boils down to this:  I'm cold, tired and have three kids and a job that need my undivided attention right now.  That leaves little to no time for blogging and little to no time for sleeping, unfortunately.  I'm going to take a break for the rest of December and maybe until mid-January.  During this break, I'm gonna do some shopping, wrap some gifts and eat way too much junk food.

I'm also hoping to do a little blog makeover and learn how to do some "tech" things that I've been neglecting to do with the blog.   Check back in January and make sure I've survived.

Until then, Happy Holidays from our nut house to yours! XOXO.

--Mama Bramell


  1. Enjoy your (very busy) blogging break! Sometimes it is necessary to put the things we love to do on the back burner to take care of those things boiling over on the front ones. You will get it done....take it one day and one step at a time. It will be over soon and you can get back to a manageable degree of madness. I'm so looking forward to seeing y'all real soon!

    Love to all...

  2. I haven't taken an official break but I have slowed down in the last month for many of the same reasons. I am learning to do it when I can but not stress when I can't. There is that real life out there that has to be tended to. Enjoy your time!


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