Bramell, Party of Five: It's Twin Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's Twin Tuesday!

Well, we are officially in potty training mode at the Bramell house now.  We decided last weekend to get serious and really work on it with the kids.  Once we got home from our Saturday activities, we put them in underwear for the rest of the day. And all day on Sunday.  Overall, the kids did alright.  Actually, quite good compared to the nightmare we had with Big Sis and her training.
I wanted to talk to the teachers at daycare to make sure they are on board with us, so I kept them in diapers on Monday. But today, they wore underwear!  We will have pull-ups for napping and bedtime only. 

I know I will probably be doing an insane amount of laundry over the next week, but I hope it pays off.  We are more than ready to stop paying for diapers.  They both seem to understand the concept; however, I do question Girl Twin's motive (candy).  That girl will go sit on the potty every five minutes (and use it) just to get the M & M's!  I'm serious. That's what we did ALL DAY SUNDAY. It was exhausting!

Anyway, wish us luck. If you have any fantastic tips for potty training two busy two-year-olds, please leave a comment.  I've done this once before, but it was not easy and not fun. I know that's why hubby and I have avoided the potty training until we have the strength to do this again?  I'll let ya know.

First day with underwear at daycare: Girl Twin = ZERO accidents, Boy Twin = 3 accidents. But I'm OK with that!


  1. YAY for our big girl! The boy will get there. He is just too busy to stop playing and go. I'm hoping it goes better for you than the last one. That was a real nightmare, but there were a lot of changes going on in your lives at that time. Giving the girl M&Ms won't hurt her until you stop giving them to weaning them off the paci. LOL! Ready to see all my kids......I hope it's soon!

    Love to all...


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