Bramell, Party of Five: Little E's first haircut

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Little E's first haircut

 I got to looking back at some old pictures on the camera. With all the excitement of us going to the MLB All-Star Game, I just forgot to post up some pictures from Evan's first haircut. I took him the day before his 2nd birthday (June 9, 2012). You can tell he wasn't too keen on the idea. He never fussed or cried, but he frowned the whole time.

I have to admit, I actually teared up this time. It didn't bother me when the girls got their haircuts, but with Evan, it did. I think it was hard to cut off those sweet baby curls of his. Luckily, she left it longer on top so he still has some!

Here is the photo progression:

Look at that handsome little boy. Not a baby anymore!  (And, thank goodness for suckers).

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