Bramell, Party of Five: Last of the Disney Photos

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Last of the Disney Photos

This is the sign for the Voyage of the Little Mermaid at Hollywood Studios. When you ask Becca what was her favorite part of the trip, she usually says this.  It was a stage show (indoors!). It was basically a 15 minute short version of the movie. It was wonderful! I'm so glad that mom and I took her in there; just watching her smiling little face and her singing the songs made my heart melt.

Becca with Rosetta, who is one of the Disney fairies.

Riding the Dumbo ride---Lee with the girls and Grammy with Evan.  It was super hot that day, and they waited a long time to ride.

Becca and me with Phineas & Ferb.  This was at Hollywood Studios, after we had to wait out a thunderstorm. Hot and humid at this point! Lovely.

One more with her fairy godmothers getting her princess make-over. Becca was totally serious about the whole process.

Lee and Becca waited for Snow White to arrive for over an hour! Finally, here she comes!!  Mom and I were off having lunch with the little ones, so we missed the fun this time.

We found this little hidden shady area for the kids to take a break.  Becca changed into her comfy clothes and everyone got some much needed down time.

In the pool with Tracy!!  We loved, loved our resort, but didn't get to spend much time there.  Not really sure why I didn't take more pictures of it.  Maybe Tracy will share hers.

Who is having fun on the tea cups??

Miss Sassy waiting for her turn to see Mickey and "Missy."

Tracy and Becca with Tinkerbell.

My water babies in the pool with  Jonathan.

With Handy Manny and Jake the Pirate, at Hollywood Studios.

I promised my baby that we wouldn't leave Disney without seeing Rapunzel.  God love her, I waited in line for her for about an hour (maybe more) while everyone else was watching the afternoon parade. Thank goodness we got to see her the very last day of our trip, or we might have stayed another day.

Finally, Lee and Becca got to meet Snow White!

Not really sure why all the pictures loaded out of order.  Oh well, it took way too long for me to move them.  This concludes the Disney portion of our blog.  Here we are, almost two months later, and the kids are all still talking about it!  Actually, I find myself thinking about how much I enjoyed it, too.  I'd say we got our money's worth on this trip.  I'm sure we'll do it again when Carley and Evan are about five.

Oops, I lied. I found these two.  My sweet stroller babies and Evan's sweet curly hair.

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