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Sunday, June 24, 2012

More Disney Fun

Going to Disney World had such an impact on my kids that now, a month later, it's still the number one conversation topic in our house. Mom got Carley and Evan a set of plastic figurines that the little ones absolutely love.....they play with them and sleep with them!  You can hear Carley all over the house saying "Mickey, Missie, Pooto, Duck and Goopy" like she's doing a roll call or something. I was really afraid that they were too young to understand or enjoy our vacation, but I was so wrong. Thank goodness!

And poor Becca has been waiting patiently for me to get all the photos organized, uploaded and printed for her. There's just never enough time!

This is the Tree of Life with all animals carved into it. So beautiful and amazing to see!

A simple tree vine, you say? Look closely, it's alive! This lady came walking out and latched on to a tree for a while.  She was quite the ham, posing and letting people take pics. Then, she unlatched herself and went along her way. Very cool!

Tah-da~ Cinderella's Castle

Carley and Becca riding the teacups. This was on Becca's birthday; after her princess makeover.

The Castle right before Magic Kingdom fireworks; it changed colors every few minutes.


A very HOT day at Epcot!

We were very lucky most of the time waiting in line for characters. I don't think we ever had a terrible wait; it was the worst in the princess lines, of course.  Evan was very curious about the characters.  Carley was not afraid at all---in fact, she wanted to touch, kiss, hug and pet them! It was so cute!  Her favorites were Buzz Lightyear and Minnie, I think.

Lee took this pic on his phone; mine didn't turn out using the camera. This was taken on our favorite ride at Epcot; the Nemo ride. The kids just loved it! And the animation was awesome mixed in with a real aquarium.

Handy Manny---of course, my shy daughter wouldn't get pictures by herself with the characters; you will see me in most of them with her.

Carley could not take her eyes off of Sully to turn around for a picture. She kept saying, "pet him" over and over.

This is the Sci-Fi Drive In Theater, where we had lunch one day. It's at Hollywood Studios, and one of the "must do" places that I read about.  It was so cool! The booths are built into old cars to make it look like you are at a drive-in movie.  The food was excellent!  
Tip:  You MUST have a reservation in advance to eat here.  We booked several months in advance.

Water fountains outside The Muppets show/theater.

I am in LOVE with this picture! All of my kids waiting to see Woody and Buzz. This was the very end of the line; it later went inside the building and wound around several times. They were watching the other kids and getting so excited.

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  1. Rhonda- I must give you HUGE props to taking your THREE kids (twins included!) to Disney so that y'all could experience this experience once while they're young! Brett & I are trying to decide the best time for Disney. We think for EK's 5th birthday (jackson will have just turned 4 & it will be in April hopefully a good time.) I'd love any Disney advice or planning tips. :))


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