Bramell, Party of Five: Easter 2012 Photos (I know, I know!)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Easter 2012 Photos (I know, I know!)

Better late than never, right?  This blogging stuff is getting more difficult to manage as the kids are getting older. Meaning, I have no more free time because I am constantly either playing with them or breaking up fights between them. Once they are in bed, it's time for me to crash.

We had a beautiful late-March day for our Easter egg hunt at church. As it turned out, Tracy and Jonathan were also here visiting, so we dragged them along.

Only a few pics of big girl Becca getting her eggs. She was far too busy to stop long enough for me to snap some photos.

Carley and Evan had a big time finding eggs. Carley wanted to carry them all in her hands and not use a basket. We had to show her several times how to use the basket. Evan was just happy to pick up an egg and spend time looking at it, shaking it and putting it to his ear like a seashell. The other kids were picking up eggs at 3:1 over Evan.

I just love the look on Carley's face in this picture!  I think Evan was still thinking about it at this point.

Evan just stopping to smell the pretty flowers!

Here is the best family photo we could get. Minus Becca, of course. Miss Busy was over playing with one of the other babies in the church, Sara Kate. They are big buddies.

TP helped Carley figure out how to use her basket. We know she is great at hoarding, she just needed a little help with the storage part.  Look at that haul!

On Easter weekend, we hid eggs again at home and played outside.  Becca really liked helping me hide the eggs for the little ones.  However, she would also run to pick them up after she hid them!!Here are some pictures from that. Pay no attention to our nasty looking grass; it looks much better now.

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