Bramell, Party of Five: New Pictures

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Pictures

Just a quick post to put up some new pictures today. We are  still  floating on Cloud 9 after the excitement of college football this weekend. We've got HOG FEVER around here, baby! Better than Bieber Fever, right? Hoping that next week I can post about us beating LSU and maybe (maybe?) going to the championship game!

Here's a sweet little pic of Carley waiting for her lunch one day last week. I love when Lee sends me these sweet little shots while I'm at work; it just makes my day so much better.

Evan wanted his lunch, too!


Guess what? We got to go to a Hog game for the first time in a couple of years.  Such a good one, too--the game vs TN, where we had a couple of amazing offensive plays.

Snacktime at the Bramell house.

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  1. You got you some good looking kiddos there! And you two aren't so bad yourself! Ha! Love all the Razorback gear on the little peeps! So ready to see you all! 3 more days!!! :)



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