Bramell, Party of Five: Oh, they are growing up so fast!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Oh, they are growing up so fast!

Why didn't anyone warn me how hard it is to watch your kiddos grow up and change so fast? It's really pretty fascinating. Little Miss Becca has really found her personality this summer. She is starting to "get" humor. Her big thing at the moment is the ever-loved Knock-Knock Joke! God help us. We'll take turns; she tells us one, then we have to tell her one. Of course, her jokes never make any sense, but we all laugh like crazy hyenas anyway! Then, she will say: "Joke me!" when she wants us to tell her a joke. This goes on for hours until I could poke my eye out with an ice pick. Lee and I really need to step up our game because her jokes are usually funnier than ours.

Last week, she moved up to the 4-year-old class at daycare, which is technically preschool now. She has a new teacher (Ms. Leah) who I think will be awesome for her. Besides being the mother of twin boys, Ms. Leah is a real certified elementary teacher! This makes us so happy about what lies ahead this year; Becca is going to learn so much.

*Side Note: I just went to tuck her in bed and she's listening to her radio. "I only like Lady Antebellum and Lady Gaga, OK?" she says. Then I explain that I can't tell the radio what songs to play. *

Can't take pictures of the babies without taking some of the big girl, too. It was spaghetti night at the Bramell house. Yum!

I caught Carley & Evan playing footsie at the dinner table. Of course, they quit by the time I got the camera out. They have even starting holding hands in their high chairs, too. It's sweet.

We've had Becca's play tent and tunnel put up under the bed for a few months because our house was overrun with toys. So I took the tunnel out the other day for the little ones to play with. They loved it! You can almost see how hard they are thinking while trying to figure out what the tunnel is for. I guess Fergie told them what to do.

Carley and Evan are almost 15 months old now. Carley has finally started giving kisses--I thought she never would! They are starting to babble at each other a lot, but nothing is making sense yet. They also seem to fight with each other more; one taking toys from the other, etc. I can't figure out who is the bully; I think it's pretty even. However, I do think that Carley is the mastermind and Evan is the muscle in most of their schemes. They are starting to work together to do things--like open drawers, climb on things, dump over the trash, etc. You can just see Carley trying to show him what to do, then they both get it going together. It's hard to get mad when they are laughing like maniacs over pulling out all the tissues or unrolling an entire roll of toilet paper.

Oh yeah, and if you are visiting the Bramell house and something comes up missing--check the bathtub. Seriously. The tub is the new lost & found: shoes, binkys, toys, brushes, you name it. One guess who the culprit is? You're wrong....we caught HER in action this weekend.

And I have to tell a funny on Evan. I swear I am not even exaggerating about this. The boy will stand up to pee in the bathtub every night!! At least 3 nights of the last week he stood up, grabbed the towel bar with both hands for support and peed right into the tub. WTH? It's like he is totally doing it on purpose.

I'm tired.

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  1. If you haven't told it already, here's a knock knock joke for ya.
    knock knock,
    who's there?
    Dwayne who?
    Dwayne the bathtub, I'm dwowning.
    (insert laughter here)


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