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Friday, July 15, 2011

Fun with Pictures

I finally got around to loading my phone pictures onto my computer--yay me! Lots of times I take pictures with my phone because I need to move quickly; by the time I get the camera out, I might have missed the shot.

I don't really know when some of these were taken, but they were all before the kids' birthdays. They are always doing something funny, cute or crazy that's worth snapping a photo of!

Check out Daddy's Little Helper--isn't this so cute?

This was right after the big week-long monsoon rains we had. We got a leak in the roof and one inside the fireplace. Evan was helping Lee fix it, of course. Just melted my heart! Speaking of roof leaks: we are getting a whole new roof! The hailstorm was the week of Easter, and they just delivered our roofing supplies this week. I suspect the roofers will show up at 6:30am tomorrow (Saturday!), the only day we can usually sleep in! Ugh.

Here's a great picture of my SuperHusband and the kids' SuperDad. They are sleeping and he's got it totally under control. Another reason I love this man...

Sweet picture of Carley giving Fergie some love. And Fergie (gee-gee) just sat still and let her. She will let Carley, but not so much Evan. Poor Evan, all boy--he pokes her eyes, pulls her ears and tortures that dog. Fergie will just get up and leave the room when Evan comes around. HA!

Speaking of that little toot, here's Evan hanging out in the backyard. I think this was one nice spring day before it got so miserably hot. Both girls were inside napping, so I got some play time alone with Evan.

I copied this picture off the church website where Becca goes to daycare. These are her two besties from school--Jaelyn and Ashley. Unfortunately, they have both moved to a different daycare this summer. Becca has been very sad about losing them; it almost tore me up. We have made sure to have playdates and they both came to her birthday party. Silly girls being silly!

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  1. YAY! I always look forward to a new blog entry. Love the pics! And, yes, Lee is Superman! We ALL love him.... About the pic of Carley and Fergie, I am sure we have one that is almost the same one except that it is Becca reaching for her like that. Poor Fergie! Evan will have to learn. I guess you are finding out that boys a different. I can't help you there! LOL! Ready to see you all again. Give everyone hugs and kisses for me!

    Love to all...Grammy


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