Bramell, Party of Five: Birthday Number FOUR

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Birthday Number FOUR

Becca got her first big girl bike for her birthday! Of course, it has all the Disney princesses on it. She's been riding up and down the sidewalk in front of our house. We are still walking beside her; even with training wheels, it's still a little scary for her. She is getting the hang of it very quickly though!

When we were in Branson, she got to go in the Disney store and spend some birthday money. They were so nice in there; she got this cool birthday hat, a button and a birthday certificate. With her money, she bought a set of princess dinnerware---cup, plate and place mat. Also a Princess Belle t-shirt. She took her shopping trip very seriously and looked at everything in the store before making a decision.

This girl is all princess, all the time now! We have started talking about taking a trip to Disney World next spring, and she is so excited I don't know if she can wait that long. I got online and ordered a Disney vacation planning DVD, which came in the mail last week. When she brought in the mail, you'd have thought it was delivered by Cinderella herself, she was so excited!! Poor kid didn't even know what it was, but it said "Disney" on the outside so that's all it took. She immediately had to watch the video on Lee's computer. He walked by to check on her later, and she said, "Dad, I'm so happy I just cried a little!" Good grief. Now she's got us all excited about going--I don't know if I can wait till next year either!!


  1. Oh my! Becca looks so big sitting on her big girl bike. It won't be long before you'll be taking those training wheels off. I was 5 when I learned to ride a bike and I didn't have training wheels. Glad she has all the safety equipment. She IS your child! I love it that she is such a thorough shopper! And I think we are ALL pretty excited about going to Disney. I'll be 57 and going for the first time. I'm entitled to be a little excited. Blog when you get the chance....I know you have plenty to write about.

    Love to all...

  2. I am excited about going too!!! I have always wanted to go to Disney and Lee will ride all the rides with me! I bet she'll have those training wheels off in no time! Such a big girl! :(


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