Bramell, Party of Five: Month 11 Update

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Month 11 Update

Evan and Carley are quickly approaching their first birthday! I can hardly believe it. Just this time last year, as we were preparing for Becca's birthday party, I was feeling pretty miserable and ready for them to get here.

Here are some things about the kids this month.

Top 2 front teeth have finally broken through. That total is now Evan 4 and Carley 2.

For the past week, our best sleeper in the house has switched to worst in the house....could be related to the above item?

This boy wants to walk so badly! He is pulling up on everything; if you even walk past him, he will grab your leg and pull up on you.

Mr. Piggy loves to eat! He is out-eating Carley for sure. He will eat anything. And beg for more!

Still a good sleeper.

She is not the super crawler that brother is; instead, she does this funny scooting thing. But don't let it fool you; she can get anywhere she wants to very quickly.

She does not seem as interested in walking as Evan does.

Carley has a love-hate relationship with her bottles and food. She can take it or leave it. Sometimes she won't finish a whole bottle. She definitely does not want anymore baby food from a jar! She acts like that is pure torture.

Still crazy about her big sister.

Talking more than Evan, but no real words yet except for DA-DA-DA. She's just loud!

Here is a picture from dinnertime last week. Apparently, Miss Carley thinks she's in a recliner! This is how she sits every time she's in the highchair. She will even try to put her feet up when the tray is on!

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  1. OM! I didn't see this post before vaca.....she was doing this at the condo. She sat on the floor at the end of the coffee table and grabbed the little bars that ran across the end and put her feet up on the bars, too. It was pretty funny and looked alot like the pic of her at the table. I couldn't figure out what she was trying to do. We had a good time but wish the weather had been better. There was more I wanted to do with Becca. Thanks again for inviting me along. Can't wait to see you all again. I really hate saying good-bye when it's time to go.
    Love to all...


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