Bramell, Party of Five: Becca and Grayson sittin' in a tree...

Friday, November 5, 2010

Becca and Grayson sittin' in a tree...

Yes, our child has a boyfriend! She just doesn't know it....haha. This post has been a long time coming, but I haven't found the time.

Oct. 16 we left the babies with our neighbor Sara, and took Becca to a birthday party at the Ozark Corn Maze in Cave Springs. We were celebrating Dalton's 2nd birthday. Here is the back story on the Cox boys.

Becca went to daycare for a year in Farmington, where Grayson was in her class. Every day we got to hear her talk about "my Gracie" and see her eyes light up when she talked about him. A couple of times, I even got hugs and kisses from him when I dropped her off at school. One day, another mom approached me during drop-off. It went like this--

Her: "Are you Becca's mom?"
Me: "Yes."
Her: "I'm Grayson's mom. I think we saw you last night in the grocery store. Grayson insisted that 'that's Becca's mom,' and begged to go back and see you, but I wasn't sure he knew what he was talking about."
Me: "Well, it was me. " (Becca was not with me)
Her: "Grayson talks about Becca all the time. I think he likes her."
Me: "She calls him her Gracie."
Her: "He says he likes her pretty hair!"

So, at the end of May, we changed daycares since we had moved to Springdale. I was really tore up about leaving Grayson behind. Right after the babies were born, I called his mom to ask for a playdate. It was the first time I'd really been around her and our first real playdate. You might remember that post--we went to Jump Zone.

Fast forward a couple of months....Grayson's mom, Stephanie, and I have become friends on Facebook. She posted that she was trying to get together some people to play in Fayetteville's kickball league. I replied that Lee and I would like to play! So--if you didn't know--we played in a 6-week league this fall. Every Monday, we had friends who would keep the kids while we played. It was so fun! And we got to know the Cox Family, who might very well be our in-laws someday.

All that to say....Dalton is Grayson's younger brother. This was his party. We all had a blast!

petting zoo

Swinging at the park before the corn maze

Silly kids eating lunch at the park--never got them both looking at the same time!

This is the cow train. Look right in the middle and see me crammed in that thing with Becca. She wouldn't ride alone. It was the most uncomfortable thing EVER.

Man, I'd love to know what they were talking about! Checking out the corn.

Green mouth from birthday cupcake.


  1. Absolutely adorable story! And I love hearing Becca talk about "my Gracie"....and know she means it!!! So glad that y'all were able to play on the kick-ball team and get out for a bit every week. Keep posting as you get time (I know you have lots of material).

    Love to all...

  2. Aww. How sweet is that?! I can see why they like each other....they are both just precious. I LOVE that she is talking to me SO MUCH more on the phone. I love that you have these pictures to show her one day!! <3

  3. Great blog! How do you have time to do this? I keep saying I am going to blog, but I can barely get the things I have to do done as it is.
    Grayson misses Becca. We wne to a friend's b-day party yesterday and he kept asking if she was going to be there and why she wasn't coming.


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