Bramell, Party of Five: Go Hogs Go and Famous Babies

Friday, October 1, 2010

Go Hogs Go and Famous Babies

Here is a fun picture we took a few weeks ago with Becca and her little sister. Fun times in the laundry basket.....we sure know how to have a good time around here!

I just had to try the bow on Carley. Still a little overwhelming on her, so we'll try again in a few weeks.

This was the day before the big Hogs vs. Bama game. We were so fired up that we wore our Razorback gear on Friday AND Saturday! You will notice our big girl wearing her panties~ woo hoo! She is doing great so far.

Tracy came to visit for the weekend. We all woke up so excited about the game on Saturday that we decided to load up the circus and take it on the road! We went down to the stadium to hang out with the tailgaters. The babies and Becca did great and loved people watching. We took the double stroller, so Evan could ride with the cooler! HAHA. Well, he did for a while. Then Becca got tired of walking and took the shotgun seat. Carley rode in the carrier strapped to my chest the whole time (and Tracy's some). The weather was beautiful and we ran into a few friends to chat with. And yes, my baby is a tiny bit sunburned....I know, I know (*hanging head*). This isn't my first child, I know to put a hat on them....but I just didn't think about it.

WOO PIG SOOOOOIE! I know my babies are cute!

So, wanna know why our babies are famous? They are going to be in the October issue of Peekaboo magazine, a local family magazine here. Every October the magazine features twins and triplets! How fun! I'm sure it's very difficult to get chosen to be in the magazine, but it might help just a teeny bit that 1) our babies are ADORABLE and 2) I know the magazine editor :D
Anyway, it should be out today but I haven't seen it yet. We got to do another photo shoot with the awesome photographer who took their newborn pics. Sad to say, Evan wasn't exactly cooperative. We didn't get but one decent shot, so I don't know if they are printing that one or one of their beautiful newborn photos. Either way, we'll be happy. I even got to write a little about our experience of finding out we were having twins. I just took what I wrote on that blog post back in February and turned in into a little story. I'll try to post the whole thing on here when I get it.
I've been back at work now for a month, and I am one tired mommy at the end of the day. I'm thankful that I have truly takes teamwork to run this show. His mom would sure be proud of him for being such a great dad and husband.

edit: Hmmm, after looking at these last few all probably think we never brush Becca's hair. Looks that way. Seriously, she leaves the house looking so cute, but the child takes out her bows, barrettes and ponytails at school every day!

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  1. Lee says "Superdad"....and I agree. lol I had so much fun on our visit. I am so proud of Becca. And I can't wait to see the magazine with the babies in it. You'll have to save me one. I am going to start their scrapbook soon. They really are the sweetest.
    Much love,


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