Bramell, Party of Five: Easter Egg Hunting

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Egg Hunting

Lee, Grammy and I took Becca to the Easter egg hunt and cookout at church on Saturday. It was a beautiful, sunny day. We even had to break out the sunscreen! Yay, spring!

Becca was really funny hunting eggs. There was a mixture of plastic, candy-filled eggs and dyed eggs (which we've never had before). She walked around only picking up the real eggs! I guess maybe because they were heavier? Of course, she clumsily threw them into her bucket so we had many broken, stinky eggs by the end of the day. It also took awhile for her to carry her bucket. She tried to just pick up the eggs and carry them in her arms for the longest time. She would just make trips back and forth to put them in her bucket. This made her get a lot less eggs than the other kids....I was worried she would only get a few. But, finally she got the hang of it!

They also had the Easter Bunny make an appearance at church, but of course, my child wouldn't go near him! Then she begged us to "see the bunny" for two days afterward....go figure. Just like Strike, Slugger, Santa, Chuck E. Cheese and all the other characters she won't go near.

The sweet little dress she's wearing came from Pop & Karen. We love it!

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture. As most of you know, getting her to smile for a photo is nearly impossible. So, good job DADDY!

This was the only other girl Becca's age hunting eggs....we have mostly boys in church her age.


  1. Lee did a great job taking pics! I love the one where she is looking around the column at the church. Becca was so funny about the whole egg thing....but she did enjoy hunting them over and over and over again on Sunday. I really enjoyed my visit and can't wait until the next one!

    Love to all...

  2. Looks like purple is her color!!! The pics are precious! Love you all!


  3. That pic that you LOVE is my fave pic EVER of her! She looks so grown up! Lee did a great job! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I can't wait to get up there to see you!



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