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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our funny girl

I can always count on Becca to make us laugh or remember something I don't want her to! She is so funny with some of the things she says to us.

This all happened just this morning.

First, she put her hands on my belly and said, "I want to say hi to the babies. Are they awake?"
Isn't that sweet?

Then, as she was watching me get dressed, she kindly pointed out to me: "Your booty's falling out!" (of my pants, she meant)...LOL!! I guess even she could see that I need some bigger pants!

We had a little showdown while putting on her shoes. She had on socks with her new crocs ( I know it's nerdy) but it's been cool outside in the mornings. She saw that I didn't have socks on with my dress shoes, so she took hers off. ME: "Becca, you need to wear socks so your feet won't be cold." HER: "I want to take my socks off, like you." So, how can I argue with that? Little stinker.


  1. She really is a hoot! I can think of several things she said over the weekend that cracked me up. She was so funny about the new baby doll in the backpack that Nanny bought for her....and those "crocs" we found at the consignment store. Enjoy the good times with her while she is small. They will pass way too quickly. And try not to fight with her too much. She just wants to be an independent woman...about 20 years too soon. I can't wait to get back up there to see y'all. My time with y'all always seems so short and it makes me sad to leave. Take care of yourself!

    Love to all...

  2. She is so funny! Jonathan and I are still laughing at some things she said when we were there. She is too smart for her age! Hopefully we will see you in a few weeks! I love ya'll!



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