Bramell, Party of Five

Friday, November 13, 2009

We took Becca to see the U of A Marching Band Spectacular Show earlier this week. It was a short, free hour-long show and I thought it would be perfect to expose her to some great music. It was a good thing we sat on the end of the aisle, because that girl wanted to DANCE! Of course, I only got tiny snippets of video because she would stop dancing when she saw the camera. She definitely entertained us.

Funny thing, she has always been afraid of the Razorback Hog mascots. She almost cried when we got there; she said she was scared. We promised her it would be fun, and within a minute of the first drum's beat, she was hooked. In fact, when we got home, she threw herself on the floor and cried "I want more music!!" I told her that her Grammy would be so proud. A true bandie in the making.

Poor Lee was such a good sport; he never even complained about me dragging him to a band concert.

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