Bramell, Party of Five: Update

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Ok, so the stupid Blogger still won't let me upload the pics. I will try to email someone and complain tomorrow.

In the meantime, wanted to let everyone know that Francena is having a good week. She is so much better than last week! She is getting strength back and eating better. She will go see the oncologist in the morning, so keep your fingers crossed for some encouraging news. Annette is staying with her the rest of this week, then we are going to take over next week.

We had a nice time during the Pugsley invasion last week, just sorry that their mom wasn't feeling better. You gotta watch those folks and their ladder ball. I have some photos to share, once this darn thing is working. I may have to spend my entire weekend blogging just to catch up.

Good night.

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