Bramell, Party of Five: Quick Update

Friday, March 20, 2009

Quick Update

I know it's been a while, sorry. Right now, we are all SICK! Becca has an ear infection and Lee and I either have colds or bad allergies going on. I've been home with Becca for 2 days.

We had professional pictures scheduled this morning so Becca could have her pic made with real bunnies. We decided to go ahead, as planned. We did a few of the whole family and some of just Becca with the bunnies. It wasn't a very good session, so I'll be surprised if we have any worth buying. Lee is going to pick up the proofs this afternoon. I probably should have just cancelled the session because of the sickness, but oh well. Becca was a little bit afraid of the bunnies even though we've been talking about it all week long.

I will try to scan some and post them if I can. Lee's sister Dee is coming tonight from Idaho to visit and Bernie and Annette from Tennessee, so we'll have a busy weekend.

Love to all!

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  1. Sorry to hear you are all feeling under the weather. Allergies are really bad this time of year. Hope ya'll are back to norm soon.
    Miss you all!

    Love, Nanette


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