Bramell, Party of Five: Ice, Ice, Baby!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice, Ice, Baby!!

Here are some pictures of Francena's yard and trees in Springdale. At this point our power is on, in Fayetteville, however, it was off for about 3 hours and we are (knock, knock) hoping it doesn't go off anymore.

After driving around in Fayetteville and Springdale today, I now know why it may take weeks for people to get power. It looks like some crazy ice tornado whipped thru NWA and wiped out all the trees, but left the houses.

My guess would be that less than half of the residents and businesses of these big cities have power right now and it may be awhile too... we count ourselves lucky right now (knock, knock).

Well, at least the city will be giving out free mulch this spring!!!

Stay tuned for video of George!!!

I went by Mom's house and this big tree limb fell just inches from her roof. It had not been there about an hour before.

Mom's red bud tree in the front. Probably not going to make it.

This is the view of Mom's house from the street.


  1. This stuff is guys be careful and stay warm!

    Love to all...

  2. Wow! I knew it was bad. We did this in 2000. We didn't have electricity for 6 days! Just stay safe and keep warm!

    Love you all



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