Bramell, Party of Five: Boo Boo has a boo boo!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Boo Boo has a boo boo!

Well, this is injury number two for the babe. She took a face plant into the driveway yesterday when we were playing. She has a little scrape on her chin and one on her nose. Luckily, she didn't cry very long.

It's weird, she has been walking for nearly 2 months, but she is still a little wobbly. And, she prefers walking on the concrete to walking on the grass--so this was bound to happen.

These are a couple of pictures from last week. I love this little outfit that Tracy got for her! She is playing with her lion push/ride toy. Actually, in the first one, she is talking to it. She has become quite the jabber box lately. No real words yet, but I'm sure she is saying something very intelligent.

We had a good weekend. Lee went off camping with the boys and left just us girls at home. We did lots of blowing bubbles, laughing and playing fetch. Even though we had a good time, we really did miss daddy a lot. So glad he's home now!

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  1. She is so sweet, skinned chin and all. Only 2 more days until the big day!!! I can't wait until Saturday to see y'all and I know we will have a big time celebrating the birthday. Don't forget to bring the bed so Fergie can sleep with you.

    Love to all.....


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