Bramell, Party of Five: Same Song, Second Verse...

Monday, July 2, 2007

Same Song, Second Verse...

I think we are keeping the pediatrician in business by ourselves. We took Becca back again this morning because the medicine from last week does not seem to be helping much, if at all. Our instructions were to come back today if we didn't see improvement. The thing is, we did see some improvement, just not consistently. She would do better for a while, then the reflux would hit hard again--about every 12 hours or so. We are having to hold her to keep her upright for 30 mins. after eating, and she is sleeping in the Boppy to stay elevated. Poor baby was miserable Sunday night; you could just hear the gurgling in her belly and throat. After she cried for an hour solid, we decided to go back in today.

The doc is changing her formula yet again to see if this will help. We are going to keep her on the Prevacid for now. If it doesn't get better this week, then he is going to change her medication next. We are hoping for some instant relief, because there are 3 worn out Bramells in this house and I'm not sure who is gonna crack first :0

That's all for now; keep your fingers crossed for Becca to have some relief.


    I hope this works! Bless all of your hearts. I am thinking of ya'll and I hope Becca gets better soon for everyone's sake. i love you all.


  2. Dear Family....
    I am sorry that you all are having to go through this. I was hoping all would be well by now so you could enjoy the rest of your time at home with our little DIVA before you go back to work. Maybe the new formula will do the trick and things can be "normal" (whatever THAT is) before you go back to work. I hate to think of her in pain or extreme discomfort and all of you exhausted. Hang in WILL get better!!!
    My love to all.........Grammy


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