Bramell, Party of Five: We've got it all figured out.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

We've got it all figured out.

It's only taken us 4 weeks to see the light. We have a DIVA on our hands! Thanks to her acute sense of wetness, Little Miss Becca has us running through diapers at lightning speed. I swear, she can go from content to hysterical in less than 10 seconds. There only has to be a trace of pee in her diaper and she's coming unglued! At this rate, our "big stash" of diapers that we had will be gone before I go back to work. Geez. I mean, I don't blame her, I wouldn't want to sit in a wet diaper either. But come on, do you need a fresh diaper every hour??

All this time we wondered if she was already spoiled or just wanted to be held...but no, a fresh diaper is the solution to all (well, most) problems. Who knew? I think we should look into stock in Huggies.

In other news, our other Diva is having a big birthday this weekend. Fergie will be a year old! Since Aunt TP and Uncle Jonathan will be here, we are going to celebrate in style. I heard about a cool doggie bakery in Rogers, so I'm going to go pick up a birthday cake for the Fergster. Watch for some pictures from her party next week on the blog. I think she can use the fuss over her, since she's been getting a little less attention since Becca came along. Not to mention, it stormed this week and poor Fergie shook with fear every time it thundered and wouldn't go outside to potty. I think she was so nervous it made her throw up.


  1. So, you think you have her figured out, huh? Well...just give it a little time and it will be something else! But I am glad to hear that a fresh diaper makes her happy. At least she can be content for a little while, right? I am sorry to miss Fergie's b-day party. Be sure to post some pics from the party but make sure you post some of the human DIVA also. I hope all of you have a great time and maybe Tracy won't get too sick being around Fergie. I'll talk to all of you soon!!! Love to all........Grammy

  2. Happy Birthday Fergie! I hope your cake is yummy! I want to know about the doggie bakery...or actually my dogs want to know about it! I hope Becca is doing good! She sure is cute. I love all of the pictures! Please bring her to see her HMR friends... Rebekah

  3. Well at least her being uncomfortable in a wet diaper should make it easy to potty train when the time comes and she realizes she can keep herself from getting wet on her own.
    We in Tennessee love you guys.


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