Bramell, Party of Five: We've Been Busy...Having FUN!

Monday, June 16, 2014

We've Been Busy...Having FUN!

This is one family that seems to always be on the go! So much so that finding time to capture all the goodness on the blog has been a challenge.  In the past couple of months, my kids have gotten to enjoy some new experiences and it's been so fun for us to watch and share with them.  I'm enjoying the fact that we have so many events and places to visit nearby that are easily accessible and don't cost a fortune for a family to do.  I've been on a hunt for these kinds of activities, and I think I've found a few great ones.
The kids have now been to their first drive-in movie experience. And because we all had a blast, we've gone back a second time! We are so lucky to have this hidden treasure in Fayetteville! I think it's the perfect arrangement for a big family; it's more affordable than a movie theater and you can bring your own snacks! We've yet to try an "inside movie" with the twins, so this was a perfect introduction because they don't have to sit still and stay quiet all the time.  Our drive-in theater shows a double feature, so you get even more for your money!  Boy Twin was the only kid to last through both movies without falling asleep--I should have known he wouldn't sleep if Captain America was on!

First time for family bowling--another success! And this was our Mother's Day outing, my choice. We've signed the kids up for a summer bowling program called Kids Bowl Free, where they will each get coupons for TWO FREE games every single day throughout the summer, so this won't be the only time they get to bowl.  Check out the info at

We also spent an afternoon at S-Fest at The Jones Center in Springdale. We took advantage of the free games, kids' activities and live music to celebrate the day. Oh yeah, and some free ice skating (why didn't I take a photo??)! We are getting a membership to The Jones Center and will be spending much more time there in the coming months.

We have been having all this fun and much more that will be posting soon. These kids can't be still, so we've taken to trying to get out all the energy that we can. The good news is that we are all sleeping better than ever! And the adventures continue soon...


  1. Thanks for the update and great pics! Sounds like you have it figured out - keeping busy makes things easier!!!
    I know it's not been long since I was there, but I miss y'all. I can't wait to hear them tell me about their new adventures.

    Love to all...

  2. Love all of the pics. You all have had some fun! I am so behind on blogging but I don't think we are having as much fun as you are. :)


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