Bramell, Party of Five: Weekend Travels

Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Travels

Last weekend, we took a quick trip to KC for one night. It was the last home stand for the Royals this season, and there were potential playoff implications at stake (I know, crazy!).  After soccer on Saturday morning, we hit the road and headed north.

Lee and I have always loved going to  KC, that's no big secret. We've taken Big Sis a few times, but this was the first time for all five of us to go together. The little ones were quite excited.  Girl Twin asked repeatedly if there was a beach at "Kansasth Thity." Sadly, there is not. But our hotel had a cool waterfall.

Long story short, the game was sold out--never, ever, ever in a million years has that ever happened to us in KC--so we missed the free fleece blanket giveaway. If you know Lee, you know that us not walking away with five blankets was enough to ruin the weekend. Period. We had to get standing room only tickets, which meant we watched the big screen in the kids' play area for most of the game. The kids had a blast, and didn't even know what they were missing, sadly. However, by the mid-7th inning, we were able to find seats in the handicap area and they were in awe of the "bigness" of it all.

Our view of the field once we found seats. And, look at my baby boy! He never took his eyes off the game! Didn't even notice the guy next to him with a blue face and mohawk...

We ate lunch at Fritz's Railroad Diner and had our food delivered to our table by a mini train. Huge hit. We explored for at least an hour in the Crayola store, which blew Big Sis's mind. We walked around Union Station and saw the model train exhibit, which took up a whole room. Then, we walked across the bridge just in time for a real train to drive below us. In 24 quick hours, we crammed in a lot of fun!

My Crayola kids

And, we boarded Fergie for the first time ever. What a diva dog! I think we were nervous to leave her, but she did just fine. It was only for one night.  It was a good test to see how we'd all manage on a weekend fun trip. It clearly wore some of us out.


  1. Glad they did good! I am SO glad that Brother loved the baseball game! Makes my heart happy! Can't wait for mine to be big enough to go to a baseball game. Fun weekend!

  2. I'm happy to see it was a good trip and the kids were able to have some fun. I love seeing the "worn out" pics of the kids. I knew Fergie Dog would be a trooper, too. She just needs food and a warm place to sleep (and to go outside to do her "business" now and then). If KC is that much fun, you'll have to take me sometime. I agree with Tracy...I can't wait until Brother can play baseball! Well, actually, I'm hoping the girls will play softball, too. If they do, I just might have to spend part of my summers up there.

    Love to alll...

  3. What a very fun trip! I am so glad you were able to go and experience so much! Hotels are a big treat for my kids. Oh, how I love place!


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