Bramell, Party of Five: It's Twin Tuesday....errr, Thursday!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's Twin Tuesday....errr, Thursday!

Yeah, well stuff happens. I was away for work on Tuesday, so we're having a Twin Thursday this week. 

First, I want to brag on my babies.  No, I want to SHOUT FROM THE MOUNTAINTOPS....they are both using the potty! Did you just hear the angels sing? Yep. They are both going #1 in the potty on a regular basis, but still lacking in the #2 department, which is very normal.  I don't know what we've done differently this time, but they are getting it way faster and easier than Big Sis did. As you might remember, Big Sis was was THREE and A HALF before we got her can read about that HERE.  It was a horrible experience with her and we have totally dreaded it with the twins. We haven't pushed them, haven't forced them and haven't set alarms to make them sit on the toilet every hour. Maybe we finally got something right.  We were at a restaurant Monday night and Girl Twin even asked me to take her to the potty---and it was successful!

Little Kids, Big Funnies

Boy Twin: 
He is so funny when you tell him we are going somewhere.  He says, "I go?" When we reply with yes, he proceeds to go through the family roll call.  "Girl Twin go?  Big Sis go?  Daddy go?  Mommy go?  Fergie go?"  It goes on forever.  Sometimes you can just say "I'm going to do xyz" and he will ask, "I go?"  Yeah, go ahead and go clean that bathroom.

Girl Twin:
The other night we were at the dinner table. I can't remember what we were eating, but Girl Twin started dancing in her seat like her pants were on fire. "Tummy hurts! Tummy hurts!" she said over and over. She gulped down her juice and stuck out her tongue. I was very confused by this.  So I asked her to show me where it hurts, and she pointed to her tongue!  The spicy food was burning her tongue, not her tummy.  Ha! Guess we need to work on our body parts some more.

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  1. I think letting kids "go" at their own pace is the best way to do it. A basically trained herself (she still wears pullups to bed at a little older than 3, but I'm not pushing, at least while I have a book deadline). There was no stress on anyone's part about it, which I think did make it easier.


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