Bramell, Party of Five: Yes, it's February & I'm posting Christmas pictures!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yes, it's February & I'm posting Christmas pictures!

I think I've said everything to say about our Christmas 2011. Mom, Tracy and Jonathan came up here to spend it with us. We cooked a big meal on Christmas Eve (mom and me, not Tracy) and had our friend Ellen over to eat dinner with us. We had a nice time and some good food! 

The kids had a big time with opening gifts and playing with all the new toys.

I guess the kids are all ready for some breakfast! You can see the Kinect on the TV--the big kids' Christmas present. We are enjoying the games. The kids and I really like Just Dance 3; we all get in on the fun!

I thought this picture of Lee is funny. Notice Frosty looking over his shoulder!

Carley and Evan love their glow-worms! They sleep with them every night. When they first go to bed, it's like they are trying to synchronize their glow-worm music in there with both of them going at the same time. So funny!

Not real easy to get all the kids to sit together for a picture. I think matching PJ's will be our Christmas tradition, just like the Counts family's.

This concludes the end of pictures from 2011. It is only February, you know.

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  1. I am sorry but I had to visit with some of the other side of the family, too! It was yummy food!!!!! We enjoyed spending Christmas at the Bramell's!!


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