Bramell, Party of Five: Baby's First Christmas

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Baby's First Christmas

We had a great visit over the holidays. We took a road trip for a few days in Wynne and then on to Munford, TN to see Lee's brother and his family. It was quite a trip! Who knew that an SUV is not big enough for everything we have to take on a trip! Talk about filled to the rim...

Becca was not sure what to think about Christmas yet. She did like playing with the paper and getting lots of attention. I have a few pictures now, and will be posting more. I'm waiting on mom and Tracy to send some that they took so I can share them here. Becca really likes playing with her blocks from Grammy, her animal boat from Pop and her ride-on lion from my Uncle Bret and Aunt Sandy. We are ready for her to get big enough to ride the rocking horse unicorn from Grandma Francena, but it might be a while yet.

In these pictures, she is also modeling some of her new clothes. Oh yeah, there's a picture of the cool gingerbread house that Aunt Nanette and Dale made. More to come...

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  1. She looks so pretty in the purple outfit she got from Grammy!!!



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