Bramell, Party of Five: Big Sis Bragging

Friday, February 14, 2014

Big Sis Bragging

We had parent-teacher conferences earlier this week at Big Sis's school.  We are so happy with how she has excelled this year!  Her teacher let us know that she works well by herself and in groups, and that she is respectful of others in the classroom.  She has improved on just about every subject since last semester.  She is reading at grade level (and probably above) and doing fine in math.  We just need to work on the talking in the hallways and when it's quiet time....but, secretly, I'm OK with that.
 We are so happy with her first grade teacher.  I'll admit, after having such a great kindergarten experience, I was doubtful that we'd get lucky twice.  But we did!  Big Sis just adores her teacher!  Here is a picture she texted me on "mustache day."  Of course, Big Sis doesn't want any part of dress up or silly days at school.  Only on PJ day!  I can't deny that she's my kid for sure.
 I also love getting random texts from her teacher to show me that Big Sis is having fun or doing her work at school.  It just makes me feel very connected to the classroom.  It also makes me a tiny bit sad that Big Sis is growing up.  My heart is full and Lee and I are so very proud of our little bookworm.

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