Bramell, Party of Five: Pinterest Made Me Do It

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pinterest Made Me Do It

I just realized that I never made a post to document the loft bed that Lee built for the girls in August.  And really, Pinterest didn't make me do this one, but did inspire us to talk about him making this.  Same thing, really.

I'd like to say that I helped make this awesome thing.  Truth is, Lee did it all by himself.   We found an inspiration photo on Pinterest (they wanted $6,000 for their bed!) and he created the entire plan from scratch--and it only took him about two weeks.  I did help move the monstrous thing from the patio to the bedroom, and that was no small feat. It's a good thing my hubby didn't marry a sissy woman.

I was going to do a photo collage here, but decided to show the photos in order.  You can also see more detail this way.  And more naked Girl Twin.

We are all so happy with how the bed turned out.  The kids can definitely use this for many years to come; I'm sure it will get passed from kid to kid as they get older.  We are still using the temporary rail until we decide if/how to put on a permanent one.  With the landing of the bed being so much larger than the size of the mattress, that is making a rail design more difficult.  And, oh yeah, the second step is hinged to open up as a storage area for toys! 

And now for my favorite photo throughout the whole process:

  (no kids were harmed in the staging of this photo)


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