Bramell, Party of Five: Welcome to First Grade!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Welcome to First Grade!

It's back to school time here.  Big Sis is now officially a first grader!  How did this happen?  Not too long ago, we were nervously awaiting the start of kindergarten.

Our little Nervous Nelly was not exactly looking forward to another "first day."  She told me more than once that she was nervous, and had a little trouble getting settled down for bed the night before.  At Open House night, she cried the whole time so we didn't stay long.  That only made me dread the first day more.

I left her sitting at her little desk as tears welled in her eyes the first day. But by noon, I received a message from her kindergarten teacher (aka my spy) who said she was all smiley and happy.  I only had to walk her in for the first three days, at her request.  After that she went willingly on her own.

Just so we can compare--we don't take photos on the first day because of tears--

Kindergarten Second Day:

And, 1st Grade Second Day:

We are now on our second week of school and she's doing great.  Of course, I knew she would.  The funny thing is that today she got in a little bit of trouble for TALKING!  This is totally ironic to me since she didn't even open her mouth to speak to her teacher while I was there!  This is just another sign that she's going to be A-OK.


  1. I won't say it, even though you know how badly I want to! LOL! I love hearing about how quickly she is adapting. I love seeing that sweet smiling face and knowing she is loving school. Keep the posts (and pics) coming.

    Love to all...

  2. I'm glad she's overcoming her anxiety. It breaks my heart, thinking of her in tears at school.

  3. Ironic enough, my sister - my polar opposite - always got in trouble for talking at school. My, I was the teacher's pet! Some things never change! #firstbornprobs


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