Bramell, Party of Five: Twin Tuesday

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Twin Tuesday

 Here's a picture of me and my little monkeys snuggling on Mother's Day.  The big monkey didn't roll out of bed until 9:00am.  Lucky her, getting to sleep in on Mother's Day.
Apparently, we are also raising a nudist toddler. Girl Twin is naked about 75% of the time we are at home.  I guess I can't really blame her.
We did get to head out later for the "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" live show at the Walton Arts Center. It was really fun and we loved it! Then an early dinner out on Dickson Street with my crew--great day!

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  1. I fear that I'm going to have a nudist toddler eventually. Glad you had a good Mother's Day!


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