Bramell, Party of Five: Twin Tuesday (but shhhh! It's Wednesday)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Twin Tuesday (but shhhh! It's Wednesday)

My babies are total ROCK. STARS.  We went yesterday for their first dental appointments, and they did fantastic!  No tears, no clinging, no clamping mouths shut.....not like someone else we know.  *cough* Big Sister

After all the trouble we've had getting Big Sis to cooperate with the dentist, we decided to try a pediatric dentist for the kids. Big Sis went about two weeks ago, and apparently, was only impressed that she got to watch Tangled in the chair (for the entire two minutes that she sat there). Never mind all the kid-friendly decor, fish tanks and other goodies for the kids.

These two walked in there like they owned the place. They hopped right up in the chairs and let the ladies do everything they asked.  They both got excellent reports with good, healthy and clean teeth!  The dentist said they are doing a very good job brushing their teeth; this makes mama happy since I know we *might* sometimes be skipping the brushing on crazy nights.  And, they both have all their baby teeth. That's 20 teeth, if you are wondering.

They are probably going to kill me over these pictures when they get older. But for now, it's the cutest thing ever! My babies aren't babies anymore....*sob*.

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  1. They certainly are not babies any more! I loved my time with all of you this past weekend. I'm always sad to say good-bye, but my bed sure felt good. They are all so different! Maybe Big Sis will come around by the time her next dental appointment gets here. I am looking forward to our next visit.

    Love to all...


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