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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Big Sis Bragging

I just needed another chance to brag on my big girl.  Report cards came home earlier this week, and she did fantastic!  What's funny is that I had the 'ol report card anxiety all day on Monday.  This is strange because, for one, it's not my report card and, two, she's in KINDERGARTEN!  It's not like she's going to flunk out or anything.  Old habits die hard, I guess.
This was the report card for 2nd quarter.  She scored the same or higher than 1st quarter in every category: reading, writing, math, PE, music and maybe something else.  Her highest score is in math---whose kid is she, anyway?--in which she got an 'E' for excellent. 
Her teacher wrote some really nice comments on her card, like how Big Sis is a hard worker and that she is fun to watch.  Every day I'm thankful that she has a great teacher and that we've had no major issues with our "big school" experience.
We are all excited that she has started bringing home short books to read for her homework this week. The instructions say she must read them to us, without our help.  Every night, we ask her to read to us separately, so she gets to read the books twice for more practice.  The girl has always loved books, see this picture from 2008, so I cannot wait until she can enjoy reading them!


  1. SO proud of our big girl! I know where she gets her love of books, but MATH?!!! Not from you or me......must be Aunt Pam? I hope you won't always be so anxious about report cards. I'm sure she will make a B one day, just as you did. SEE? It really wasn't the end of the world! Give her a hug and kiss from me and tell her how proud I am of her....and that reading is FUN!

    Love to all...

  2. yea! great job big sis!! can.not.wait. until she's in advanced algebra & pre cal and you turn into a googling machine like me! good luck with that!

  3. This post my made smile! Beyond adorable for you to be nervous & so proud of Big Sis. Sounds like a great Kinder year thus far, wonderful!


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